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Dafra supplies a high quality range of Rivnut Tools engineered for a variety of applications. With over 40 years of experience in supplying tooling and fasteners to the manufacturing industry, we ensure our range of products are sturdy, reliable, and built to last. With many types of Rivnut Tools available, it’s important to be well-informed of your options before making your rivnut tool purchase. Find below more information about Rivnut Tools and products at Dafra.

Uses of Rivnuts

A rivnut threaded insert, otherwise known as a rivet nut or nutsert, is basically a cylindrical or hex shaped sleeve that is internally threaded. Once set in place correctly, rivnuts provide a secure threaded hole, allowing a threaded fastener, (bolt), to be used to affix additional panels, which is especially helpful in cases where components are regularly removed and replaced.

Using Rivnut Tools

Rivnuts are set in place using a rivnut tool, (sometimes called a rivnut or nutsert gun).  Rivnut tools are usually either hand powered, air-powered, or battery powered. The best rivnut tools are lightweight, easy to use, and versatile, with enough pulling force to easily set the rivnut in any material without unnecessary hassle.  A good rivnut tool should also come in a kit which includes a selection of mandrels or nose pieces that support rivnuts of different sizes.

What To Consider When Choosing the Right Rivnut Tool

When choosing the right rivnut tool, you should consider factors such as the work site, the types of materials you are working with, how often you will use the tool, and – most important of all – ease of use and safety.

Is portability a factor or are you in a workshop?  Which sizes are you most likely to use – as most rivnut tools come with multiple mandrels, allowing you to set rivnuts in a variety of sizes. What quantities of rivnuts will you be setting – a hand tool may work for the odd few but if you are setting large volumes on a regular basis a battery or pneumatic tool may be a better option.

Types of Rivnut Tools

At Dafra, you’ll find a wide selection of rivnut tools to choose from. This includes Hand Rivnut Tools, Pneumatic Rivnut Tools, and Battery Rivnut Tools – simply get in touch to to access your exclusive trade price.


As the name suggests, Hand Rivnut Tools are hand powered, thus providing a great option for DIY, small production or prototyping. You can find a range of Hand Rivnut Tools at Dafra today.

TSM100 Long-Arm Rivnut Tool

The TSM100 long-arm rivnut tool is inexpensive yet sturdy and can set M5 to M10 size rivnuts in aluminium, steel and stainless steel.  It features a heavy-duty body and comfortable hand grips help reduce user fatigue.

The spindle-drive loading system enables the user to quickly load and set rivnuts without the hassle of having to unscrew the tool from the set rivnut, while the easily adjustable stroke length enables accurate and uniform setting of rivnuts.  This hand operated tool is ideal for DIY projects or small production work.

DRT510 Rivnut Tool

Dafra’s DRT510 is a ratchet style, hand operated rivnut tool, which allows the operator to set rivnuts in difficult to access places.  As with the TSM100, this tool also features a heavy-duty body and comfortable hand grips. Changing and setting up the mandrels is easy, and the ratchet system delivers easily controlled, high torque to the tool mandrel, making setting of larger sizes easy.

Again, this tool is ideal for small production work and prototyping of larger sized rivnuts.  The DRT510 comes as a complete kit with metric mandrels in M5 to M10 and UNC mandrels in 3/16” to 3/8”.


Pneumatic Rivnut Tools use air compression to drive rivets in place. Dafra’s pneumatic rivnut tool range can accommodate M3 to M12 rivnuts in all materials and styles.

DNP328-2 and DNP 3212-2 Rivnut Tools

Both the DNP328-2 and the DNP3212-2 are professional tools, with a spin-pill-spin setting sequence, that are engineered to handle constant, repetitive use on the production line or on large commercial or industrial projects.

They feature a 360-degree air tail on the base to reduce the drag of the compressed air line and a reverse button on the rear.  Their traction power and fully adjustable stroke ensures accurate yet rapid setting of rivnuts, even in larger sizes and their use of cap screws as mandrels means you can easily get hold of a spare if one breaks.


Dafra’s range of rivnut tools  includes a couple of battery powered options. Browse our battery rivnut tools online or get in touch for expert advice and access to your exclusive trade price.

DRNCA4210- Rivnut Adaptor

The DRNCA42120 rivnut adaptor is designed for use with cordless drill drivers with a maximum 400 RPM only.  It is a handy option for those who only occasionally use rivnuts in a workshop or out in the field. The adaptor simply attaches to the end of a cordless drill and you’re ready to start setting rivnuts.

It can be more difficult to “feel” the rivnut set itself correctly when using Dafra’s DRNCA42120 rivnut adaptor, so it is a good idea to pull up a few test rivnuts before starting on the final workpiece.  The DRNCA4210 has the capacity to set M4 to M8 rivnuts in aluminium and steel and M4 to M6 rivnuts in stainless steel.

DRNCGO-300 Cordless Rivnut Tool

Dafra’s DRNCGO-300 cordless rivnut tool from Goebel is engineered for fastening in environments that require durability, strong pulling force, easy to use operation and high-speed yet reliable installation to ensure maximum efficiency, accuracy and low fastener installation costs.  Its portability makes it ideal for outdoor or off-line work where compressed air is not available.

The DRNCGO-300 cordless rivnut tool features a 14.4v brushless DC motor and an automatic spin-pull-spin setting sequence.  Designed with ergonomics, speed and efficiency in mind, this versatile rivnut tool also boasts a fully adjustable stroke and variable traction power setting, which can easily be changed to suit the size and grip range of the rivnut being installed.

The DRNCGO-300 can set M5 to M12 rivnuts in aluminium and steel as well as M5 to M10 rivnuts in stainless steel.  It comes as a kit which includes the tool, mandrels to suit rivnuts from M5 to M12, 1 x 2.0Ah Lithium-ion battery, 1 x battery charger and an operation manual in a blow-mold case, for easy transport and storage.

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