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Blind Rivet Guns

No matter what project you’re working on, whether you need to join sheets on a building site, for commercial projects,  or fix guttering on your home, riveting is a versatile and reliable option.

Dafra sources blind riveting tools from the world’s leading brand manufacturers. For a low-cost and effective product you can trust to get any riveting job done to a high standard, choose our blind rivet guns. We supply many types of portable, lightweight pneumatic blind rivet guns for sale.

Our blind rivets, guns and fasteners have been expertly engineered for ease of use, providing an ergonomic solution that allows you to work safer and more efficiently. Browse our blind rivet guns at an affordable price, or contact the Dafra team for more information.


Our Dafra team are your local experts in riveting tools. You can trust us to supply the best blind rivet gun for the job.

Best Blind Rivet Gun for Sale

Dafra is a leading supplier of all rivet hardware in Australia, including rivets, rivnuts, and blind rivet guns. Blind rivets are mechanical fasteners widely used in construction and automotive manufacturing when access to the rear of a joint is limited.

We supply pneumatic blind rivet guns (also known as pop rivet guns or air rivet guns) that use compressed air to produce a strong clamp. Each blind rivet gun comes in a kit with several mandrels, a lithium-ion battery, and a charger. When you shop with Dafra, you’ll receive everything you need to make your next riveting project a success.

Not sure which blind rivet gun is right for you? Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll find the tool that perfectly meets your project requirements.

Using a Blind Rivet Gun

A blind rivet gun is used to join two pieces of material together. It works by driving a rivet through a hole in one piece of material and into the other, then expanding the end of the rivet to hold the two pieces together

Dafra has over one million blind rivets and fasteners for sale, including:

  • Blind pop rivets
  • Blind rivet nuts
  • Aluminium rivets
  • Steel rivets
  • Copper rivets

Our rivets come in various sizes and styles. When selecting rivets, it’s best to match the type of rivet to the material in use; for example, if you’re joining aluminium sheets, then use aluminium rivets.

Our team is on hand to help you find the right equipment and fasteners to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a blind rivet gun for aluminium rivets, a blind rivet nut gun or another tool, search our collection or get in touch with us today.


Simply let us know your project requirements, and we’ll supply the right rivets for your needs at a great price.

Blind Rivet Gun Features

Dafra’s blind rivet guns come with the following features to guarantee superior performance and reliability:

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • High traction power 
  • Can handle a range of riveting materials, including aluminium, steel and stainless steel
  • Easy setup and intuitive operation
  • Built for speedy, heavy-duty riveting.

Our blind pop rivet guns are manufactured for maximum versatility and top performance. Because of its high traction power, a Dafra blind rivet gun for sale can punch rivets cleanly into different materials, from steel to plastic, so it can be used in any number of applications.

The lightweight and ergonomic design also give you the freedom to move around a worksite easily without putting strain on your muscles. Our pneumatic blind rivet guns have a 360-degree air tail on the base, which allows you to set rivets efficiently with less force than a manual riveter.

Looking for a reliable blind pop rivet gun that’s easy to maintain and comfortable to operate? Browse our range of blind rivet guns, or contact us for help finding the right pop rivet gun for you.

Buy a Blind Rivet Gun for Sale at Dafra 

Find rivets and fastening equipment to complete your next project at Dafra. Order online today and have a professional blind rivet gun delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

We also offer free shipping on orders over $800. Enjoy cheap prices and products that are built to last when you shop at Dafra!

Our Difference

Dafra has been supplying reliable, heavy-duty blind rivet guns and products in Australia for over 40 years. 

Not only do we offer top-quality tools, but our service is second to none. We have one of Australia’s top tool technicians on hand to service and repair our own range of blind pop rivet guns, so you can rest assured that your riveting needs will be met now and in the future.


Experience great service and deals on blind rivet guns for sale at Dafra.

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Dafra is your number one supplier of all riveting tools and fasteners in Australia, with a long history of happy customer reviews. Whether you’re searching for a pneumatic blind rivet gun, blind rivets or another item, our team can provide excellent service and expert guidance to ensure you find what you need.

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