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Nutsert Kit For Sale

Dafra is your number one supplier for high quality riveting tools and rivet nuts. Working closely with leading manufacturers across the globe allows us to supply quality hardware at some of the best prices around. No matter the application whether for a large commercial project or a small DIY job, we offer premium riveting tools that are designed for superior performance and durability.

Each of our nutsert gun kits includes mandrels in several sizes, while our battery operated nutsert tools come in a blow-mould case with a compact design, making them easier to carry and store. With over 40 years of experience supplying rivets, fasteners and tooling across commercial and industrial applications, we have the expertise to help you find exactly what you need.


Dafra can supply a complete nutsert kit that meets your project requirements. Buy our tooling products today by getting in touch for more details.


What Is A Nut Insert Installation Tool?

Nutserts, often called rivet nuts, rivnut, rivet nut, or threaded rivets, are a type of mechanical fastener that provide a cost-effective alternative to weld nuts as they do not distort the base materials. Nutserts or rivet nut tools are used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Setting the nutsert correctly requires the use of a specialised tool.

Dafra has a wide selection of hand tools, battery and pneumatic rivet nut and nutsert installation tools have features that allow you to set both small and large diameter rivnuts with ease. Get in touch with our customer care team today and we can supply the right nutsert installation tool you need.


Dafra is committed to supplying quality rivet nut, nutsert installation tools at some of the best prices around.


Nutserts And Mandrel Lock Pins

Nutserts and mandrel lock pins are two types of fasteners that can work together to create a strong joint in various applications. Nutserts, also known as threaded inserts or nose pieces, provide a threaded hole in a thin sheet of material. They are installed by expanding the flange on the backside of the material, allowing the nutsert to grip the material and provide a threaded hole for a bolt or screw.

A Mandrel lock pin, uses a unique spring-loaded mandrel,  and is a type of quick-release pin that can hold two parts together temporarily. These pins can be released easily and quickly when necessary, making them an excellent choice for certain applications. For example, they can be used in conjunction with double compound hinges to create a secure joint that can be easily disassembled and reassembled when needed. 

For easy changing, a mandrel quick change tool can be used to quickly and easily swap out mandrels on the lock pins. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of use, making it possible to create strong, reliable joints with minimal effort. When used in combination with nutserts, mandrel lock pins and double compound hinges can provide a secure joint that can be easily disassembled and reassembled as needed.

Rivet Nuts & Nutsert Tool

Nutserts have features that allow them to be inserted into pre-drilled holes and set using a rivnut or nutsert tool kit to provide a threaded insert to securely join components. Their durability makes them suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial uses. Nutserts and rivet nut tools are available in different styles, shapes, sizes and materials to suit specific applications.

With over a million rivets in stock, we can supply the exact nutserts you need that best meet your project requirements. If you have any questions about a nutsert tool or rivet nut tool we supply, or are not sure which nutsert tool you need for your installation needs, reach out to our team today and we will be happy to help.


Dafra works closely with you to supply quality rivet nut tool products, nutserts and installation tools at affordable prices.


Nut Bolt

Nutserts provide a threaded insert even when access to the other side of the panel is restricted. Once the nutsert is set, the internal threading allows you to securely join components by inserting a bolt and creating an even stronger join.

Dafra can source nut bolts in different styles, lengths, sizes and materials to suit specific applications. No matter what project you are working on, we can supply the right nut bolt for your needs. Shop our online store or get in touch for personalised assistance.


Dafra can advise on the exact nutserts and bolts best meet your requirements.


Dafra has been supplying quality rivet nut tool products, riveting tools as well as expert advice for over 40 years. If you’ve been searching for ‘nut insert kit for sale near me’ than Dafra is your one-stop shop for all your tooling product needs in Australia. 

Browse our online store today and get in touch to order or buy any of our tool products for sale. For a price or stock quantity check or find out any more information on our products, contact our team and we will be happy to help.

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