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Countersunk Rivets

Dafra stocks an extensive selection of quality rivets from leading manufacturers across the globe. With over 40 years of industry experience, we can supply you with the right tooling and fasteners for your project.

Our rivets are engineered for superior performance, so you can depend on them for any application. We can also provide expert, detailed advice to help you choose the right rivets for your application.

Countersunk rivets are also known as flat rivets and are used in countersunk holes. These types of rivets are commonly used on sliding tracks as they sit flush with the surface, which means the head doesn’t protrude when set in place.

If you are looking for countersunk solid rivets, we can help. We stock a range of rivets in different sizes, styles, materials and grip ranges – including stainless steel, aluminium, and more. Simply let us know the details of your project requirements and we can help.


Dafra stocks an extensive selection of rivets. We are committed to supplying quality fasteners at competitive prices.

Countersunk Pop Rivets

Countersunk pop rivets are lightweight and durable fasteners that can be easily installed when only one side of the panel is accessible.

Countersunk pop rivets are a type of rivet that are used to join two pieces of metal or other materials. They have a countersunk head that sits flush with the surface, which makes them ideal for use in applications where a smooth, finished surface is desired. They are inserted through pre-drilled rivet holes in both pieces of material and then expanded to create a secure hold. 

Whatever kind of pop rivet you need, we can help you find the exact size and style for your application. We also have rivets in different types of metal including aluminium, steel and stainless steel. Reach out today and our friendly staff will be more than happy to help or check out what we have for sale on our online store.


 Whether for a small DIY job or a commercial project, we can supply quality countersunk pop rivets that meet your specifications.

Countersunk Blind Rivets

Countersunk blind rivets are commonly used in applications that require the head of the rivet to sit flush with the panel. These types of fasteners can be inserted and set from one side of the workpiece.

Countersunk head blind rivets are the best choice for situations requiring a smooth finish because the countersunk head sits flush with the surface of the material. These rivets are a practical option for challenging-to-reach regions because the installation can be done from one side of the material.

A blind rivet gun pulls the mandrel head into the body, which creates a strong and reliable joint.

No matter what kind of countersunk blind rivets you are looking for, we can help. We can supply blind rivets in the exact size and style to suit your needs at competitive prices. We have quality stainless steel, aluminium, as well as a range of different length and diameter countersunk head rivet tools at Dafra.


Dafra offers a wide selection of countersunk blind rivets. Simply get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist.

Countersunk Rivet Nuts 

Fasteners known as countersunk rivet nuts combine the advantages of a rivet and a nut. They have an internally threaded body that can accommodate a bolt and a countersunk head height that sits flush with the material. In sheet metal, tubing, and other thin materials, they are utilised to create a solid, long-lasting thread. Shop our range of Rivnuts in our variety of sizes and dimensions today.

Countersunk Holes

Countersunk holes is a hole that has been drilled or machined to a slight angle, allowing for a flat-head screw or bolt to sit flush with the top of the material. They help to increase the strength of the connection and improve the overall aesthetic appearance. A countersunk hole also allows for better distribution of pressure, as the screw or bolt will be able to sit flush with the surface, which helps to prevent the risk of damage to the surrounding material.

Dafra is a leading specialist in riveting equipment. If you are looking for aluminium, stainless steel countersunk head rivets, or anything else, we can source the exact fasteners needed for your project. Shop ‘countersunk rivet tools near me’ or get in touch online to order any of our product range that we have for sale. Download our product brochure or get in touch for expert advice from our team.

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