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Dafra is a leading supplier of high-quality rivets, rivnuts, hand tools, and rivet gun tool kits. We’ve been sourcing premium riveting tools from manufacturers across the globe for over 40 years. Whether for a commercial or industrial project, we can supply the right tooling to get the job done. Our staff are committed to providing expert advice even if it’s for a small DIY job or a personal project.

Browse our selection of quality tools on our online store. The tools we offer are built for superior performance and durability. If you can't find what you need here, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have an extensive selection of riveting products, some of which are not shown on our online store. Being an independently owned business gives us the flexibility to help you find the right hand rivet gun and rivets for your needs.

We also have one of the top tool technicians in Australia on hand. If there is a problem with your rivet gun, we offer servicing and repairs at quick turnaround times. Simply let us know what the problem is and we will fix it. Check out our online store today and see what we have for sale or get in touch if you have any questions.


Dafra supplies quality hand rivet guns and riveting tools at affordable prices from leading manufacturers across the globe.

Hand Held Rivet Gun

A hand operated pop rivet gun is a tool used for fastening two pieces of material together by driving a rivet through the pieces and expanding the end to hold them securely in place. It is commonly used in construction and repair work.

A rivet gun can come in a variety of different sizes and styles. Riveters used to set structural rivets tend to be pneumatic or battery operated while those used for smaller applications can be operated by hand. No matter the project requirements, you need the right tools to get the job done safely and efficiently. We have a range of different configurations depending on what you’re looking for.

Dafra offers a selection of hand held rivet gun kits that are built to be lightweight and portable around any worksite. Each rivet gun tool kit includes several nose pieces to suit various sizes of rivet and thickness of the material you are working with. 

Our hand held rivet guns are lightweight, yet sturdy enough to set aluminium, steel, and stainless steel rivets. Get in touch and we can determine the best hand held rivet gun kit for your project.


Dafra carries an extensive selection of high-quality riveting tools and hand rivet guns. If what you need isn’t displayed here, contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Hand Pop Rivet Gun

Blind rivets, also known as pop rivets, are a type of fastener that are used to join two pieces of material together. Unlike traditional rivets, blind rivets can be installed from one side of the materials, making them ideal for use in applications where access to the back side is limited.

A hand operated pop rivet tool pulls the mandrel through the body of the rivet and sets it. This creates a strong and reliable join. If you’re looking to buy the best hand pop rivet gun, we have just what you need.

Dafra has a selection of quality pop rivet guns. Their heavy-duty body and comfortable hand grips make them durable and ideal for small production work. 

We also stock over one million rivets in a variety of sizes and styles. See our online store and the items we have for sale or reach out to our team and we’ll help you find the right hardware for your project requirements.

Using A Hand Rivet Gun

To use a rivet gun, first select the proper size of rivet for the materials and thickness you are working with. Insert the rivet into the gun and position the gun so that the rivet is aligned with the hole in the materials. Squeeze the trigger of the gun to release the rivet and hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the end to expand and secure the materials together.

Repeat this process for each rivet needed. It is important to always wear safety glasses and to use the correct rivet sizes for the materials you are working with to ensure a secure hold.

If too much pressure is applied to a pop rivet gun, the rivet can be over-compressed, which can cause it to break or deform. The two objects being riveted together can also be damaged if too much pressure is applied.

Over-compression can cause the materials to crack or become distorted, which can weaken the overall strength of the riveted joint. The tool itself can be damaged, which may lead to costly repairs. It's important to always follow the manufacturer's instructions and use the correct pressure and rivet when using a rivet gun.


Dafra has all the riveting tools and rivet guns you need to safely get the job done. No matter the application, we’re here to provide expert advice.


Dafra has been providing expert advice and supplying riveting tools at great prices for over 40 years. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements we are happy to help. Shop quality brands for hand tools, accessories, power tools, kits, and more. 

Whether you have a question about our product tools, delivery information, and price details of our product tools range, feel free to get in touch and we’ll provide the best advice and recommendations for your tooling needs.

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