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Steel Rivets

Dafra is one of the top steel rivet suppliers of quality steel riveting tools, rivets, rivnuts, and other fasteners. We work directly with leading manufacturers across the globe to bring you a selection of premium rivets in one convenient location. No matter the application, Dafra supplied rivets are engineered with superior performance and durability. We carry rivets in different materials including stainless steel which delivers high tensile strength and good corrosion resistance.

With millions of rivets in stock, we can supply quality steel rivets in different sizes, styles, grip ranges and materials for any commercial or industrial applications. We also carry a range of hand operated, battery powered and pneumatic riveting tools to securely set steel rivets in place. Browse our online store or reach out directly and we can offer expert advice on the correct tooling and fasteners for your project.


Dafra supplies quality steel rivets that are suitable for commercial or industrial projects. Our expert staff are always ready to help you get the right supplies to suit your needs.

Steel Pop Rivets

Steel pop rivets and steel rivets are mainly used in applications where access to the rear side of the panel is restricted. Once the pop rivets are inserted into a pre-drilled hole, a blind rivet gun pulls the mandrel through the body of the rivet, which pushes the sides of the rivet outwards until the mandrel breaks, forming a secure join. Pop rivets and structural steel rivets can be used to join panels of different materials. Whether for a DIY job or a commercial project, we can supply steel pop rivets to suit your requirements. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to provide expert advice.


Dafra supplies quality steel pop rivets in a variety of sizes, grip ranges and styles to suit any project requirements.

Metal Rivets

Metal rivets are a practical fastener choice for use in a variety of applications due to their superior performance and durability. These qualities make them ideal for use in industries ranging from automotive manufacturing to commercial construction. With millions of metal rivets in stock, we can provide you with the exact tooling and rivets to fit your needs. Being an independently owned company gives us the flexibility to source the exact tooling and fasteners for any project.


Dafra stocks quality riveting tools along with millions of rivets. Get in touch and we’ll help you find exactly what you need.


Dafra is your number one choice for steel rivets, tooling and fasteners. Whether you’re looking for steel monobolts, steel huck rivets, or any other type of rivet for your next project, we’ll be able to help you source the right equipment. With millions of rivets in stock, we can source exactly what you need at great prices. Contact us today. We’re more than happy to help.

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