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Large Rivet Guns

Dafra is a top supplier of quality riveting tools and fasteners used in, small  to medium manufacturing, heating ventilation, automotive, truck & bus repair including sheet metal works and general engineering. Rivet tools are widely used for a range of applications from small DIY jobs to commercial projects. We work closely with leading manufacturers across the globe to provide our customers with premium rivet tools at great prices. Our selection of large rivet guns includes hand operated, pneumatic, and battery-powered tools. 

We provide pop rivet guns for large rivet heads and other rivet sizes – all matched to your project needs from the type of material to the length of the pop rivet guns.

Hand operated riveters are great for smaller jobs, however, they can be taxing on the hands and arms after prolonged periods. For larger projects, we recommend pneumatic or battery-powered rivet guns as these offer a more efficient way to set a large volume of rivets. 

For a large pop rivet gun and other large pop rivet tools, buy from none other than the leading suppliers at Dafra.

The Best Large Pop Rivet Tool For You 

Whatever the application, our rivet tools can deliver the performance and durability that your project requires. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of rivet gun for large rivets or anything else, our helpful team will get you the tools to meet your needs. 

It is also important to match the material of the rivet body to the material of the project to avoid corrosion and prevent pull. For example using plastic rivets on lightweight, non-conductive material and steel rivets on steel material. Get in touch to find out more about our range of large rivets for metal and other materials.

Large Rivet Nut Tool Kit

Browse our online store for premium rivet nut tools and fasteners. We offer a large rivet tool kit that includes a large rivet gun, nose pieces in several sizes, and our battery powered tools include a lithium-ion battery and a charger in a blow-mould case making them easy to store and carry.

If you need help finding the right large rivet set for your project, we are happy to offer advice. We have been supplying industries across Australia with premium quality, large structural rivet tools, heavy duty rivet tools, industrial rivet tools, and more whilst providing expert advice for more than 40 years.


Dafra offers a wide selection of large rivet guns at competitive prices. If what you need is not displayed here, reach out and we can help.


Large Rivets

Large rivets are permanent fasteners with applications across numerous industries from building and construction to aviation and automotive. Once a rivet is set in place it creates a strong joint that is secure and long-lasting. 

We stock millions of rivets in different sizes, styles, materials – including steel, timber – and grip ranges. Whatever type of large rivet you need for your project, we’ll have the products to suit. Shop for a large head blind rivet, heavy duty rivet guns, industrial rivet guns, and more at Dafra today. Whether for a race car or construction project, we can supply the right rivets for your needs.


With a range of rivets available, it can be difficult to know which ones you need. Dafra can provide expert advice and source the right rivets suitable for your project.


Large Flange Pop Rivets

Large flange rivets have a wider load bearing surface to better distribute the pressure and prevent pull-through. The aluminium alloy offers excellent resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for building and construction applications. 

These types of rivets are frequently used to attach soft and brittle materials to more rigid surfaces like sheet metal and when access to the back side is restricted. A rivet gun pulls the steel mandrel into the body of the rivet to set it. A large flange dome is then used to secure and cover the head of the rivet to create a more permanent bond. 

Dafra stocks millions of rivets, including large flange pop rivets in different sizes, styles, materials and grip ranges. We have many different large flange and rivet guns to suit your needs including different sized huck tools or huck guns. Simply let us know your project requirements and we can source the right rivets for your needs.


No matter the application, Dafra can deliver the right tooling and fasteners for your needs. Reach out today for premium tools at a competitive price.


Large Rivets For Sale

Dafra is a leading supplier of premium tools, including monobolt tools or monobolt guns, riveters, fasteners and more. If you need a large rivet gun and large rivets to go with it, we can help.

For information about shipping, product order options, maintenance, or any questions about our product range. Get in touch with our staff and we’ll help you find what you need.

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